PCA Choral Ensembles: Excellence in Performance and Ministry

Our Mission:

The PCA High School Choral Program provides an artistic and academic environment where students are consistently challenged to advance their vocal and musical skill. Singers are inspired to achieve through quality music education and the pursuit of artistic excellence. Students are groomed to minister to those to whom they sing, not only through text but by their demeanor and spirit as well.

Musical and Vocal Training: 

Chorus students receive valuable training in musical skill and vocal production:  

Musical Training:

Singers gain important musical skills while participating in Chorus.  Singers learn music theory along with sight-reading/sight-singing rhythms and pitches.

Voice Training:

Singers receive instruction in breathing, vocal placement, diction, posture and more. Solo opportunities are offered at various times over the course of the year.   

Corporate singing, as a full ensemble, provides the opportunity to gain confidence in performance. Additionally, it enhances vocal skill by learning to listen, blend, tune and successfully be part a group of artists working together toward a common goal.

Why We Sing:

Ultimately, our goal is to glorify God in all we do.  Singing as ministry is emphasized in Chorus.  Our prayer is to always demonstrate the grace and love of God in every performance or Worship setting. I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as l live. - Psalm 104:33

2017-2018 Performances:

Faculty and Staff Birthdays, PCA Homecoming, Candlelight and Carols Christmas Worship, Harlem Globetrotters, Tennessee Ministry Tour, Arts Extravaganza: Talk about Pop MusicConcert, and PCA Graduation

Our Ensembles:

Providence Elementary School Chorus - Grades 2nd - 4th

Providence Middle School Chorus - Grades 5th - 7th

Providence High School Chorus - Grades 8th - 12th

Maelstrom - All male a cappella ensemble open to all interested high school male students and faculty.  The ensemble meets during the extended lunch period on Wednesdays.