High School Art

About the Department

Providence Christian Academy Visual Art is taught in a studio setting with an introduction to elements & principles of design, demonstration of technique, art vocabulary and critique.  Subject matter, technique and concept are all ways that the instructor is able to incorporate biblical principles and biblical worldviews.  A creative God is represented in lessons discussing the human figure, landscape, color and light and creative inspiration. Students grow spiritually as they are encouraged to bring glory to God using a visual language.  Students learn discipline; teach ability and self-worth as they discover their gifts and the challenges of creative problem solving.

The high school art curriculum is offered to students grades nine through twelve. The curriculum includes the elements and principles of design and reviews elementary level concepts. Every level of the curriculum builds on the previous one to encourage higher-level learning and high standards of excellence. Students may progress in skill and confidence to a level of portfolio production and Advanced Placement Portfolio for College Credit.